We have experience in manufacturing advertisements since 1992.


We design and produce:

  • photographic and sticker advertisements (on vehicles, windows, etc.)
  • advertising boards and banners
  • directories
  • signs and information boards
  • stands
  • showcases
  • sales promoters
  • outdoor advertisements
  • construction passports

We print large-format pictures on different materials:

  • paper
  • film
  • fabric
  • Tyvek
  • PVC banner

We manufacture all sorts of objects that help our customers to inform others about them and distribute information about them.


Vehicular graphics 

A good way to make your company’s vehicles stand out on the street and give the fleet an additional function by making the vehicles advertise the company with vehicular graphics. Graphics can be applied to cars, vans, boats, ships or even planes.

The advantages of using vinyl instead of paint, are speed and simplicity, as it is relatively easy to remove and replace. Vinyl also protects the car’s paint and surface from scratches and the sun’s negative impact.

In the case of printed media, the graphics can be laminated to prevent them from fading due to the negative effects of UV-radiation and mechanical damage, which means there would be two protective layers on your car.

Vehicles can be wrapped entirely or partially by using either printed or cut media. The choice in colors and other options is wide. Media can also be applied to very demanding surfaces like the plastic parts of vehicles or places with many rivets and creases.

Windows can be covered with perforated media, which has tiny holes in it and also has darker glue, which means it will not interfere with visibility as much as other materials.  Perforated vinyls can be printed on and covered with laminate.

There are many materials with various properties and different prices available.  The durability of the graphics can reach up to 12 years, depending on the place you want it to be applied.


Large format outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is one of the more traditional ways to catch an eye of potential clients. Almost every kind of surface can be covered with graphics to promote your company or give out info.

There are many options for your advertisement, from billboards and PVC banners to displays and shop windows, we provide the whole process from the initial design and removing old media to organizing a suitable substructure and transport.

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Interior design

We produce, change, apply, and remove different kinds of interior design elements, to change the function of the room or to give it a new breathing. For example framed pictures and photos, large format photo-wallpapers or media that imitates sandblasted materials, which adds a little privacy to the office space. In addition to that we make permissive and prohibitive signs, house guides, and other waymarks.


Stands and special projects

Depending on the clients desires, we produce different kinds of stands which advertise the company’s products on conferences or commerce areas. We use different kinds of technologies and materials ranging from paper to metal. We can also freshen the already existing stands or objects.

Roll-up stands are a great option, if the speed and simplicity is important, they are most suitable for using in supermarkets or fairs to make a temporary place to sell goods or advertise your product, they are also suitable for sporting events to display sponsors.




We produce smaller and bigger stickers by printing or cutting them out of vinyl material. It is possible to print on a wide range of materials and later laminate them to add more durability. The laminate can be glossy or matte, thinner or thicker depending on where they are used. It is possible to add cutting lines to the file and cut out even the most detailed objects.

Stickers can be applied to magnet sheets and cut out to make graphics, which can be applied and removed easily.




Photos, posters, pictures


We have the ability to print on wide range of materials, like papers with different density and thickness, vinyl materials, pvc-banner materials, light-advertising media and canvas.
We can apply the outprints to different materials or frame them. In case of photographs it is important to take a note about the quality of the files, as the resolution will play a big role in the dimensions of the final outprint.