Graphic Design

Established in 1993. Ooker is a design company in Estonia. We design and produce all things printed from posters; brochures; books and annual reports to identity systems.

Our brand conscious approach to design ensures consistency in the creation of a wide range of marketing and communication materials.

Some ideas

• Corporate identities
• Marketing and communications literature
• Annual reports
• Packaging and labels
• CD covers
• Calendars
• Event materials
• Illustration
• Menu covers
• Information displays
• Promotional clothing
• …

We are unique business, because we do more than just sell graphic design, we also produce materials. Our solutions offer you to save money and time. We are flexible on deadline.


Frequently asked question:

What is OOKER?
Natural yellow pigment rich in iron, which is used for manufacturing paints; corresponding paint.
OOKER (ochre in English), natural yellowish pigment, which is mainly composed of iron(III) hydroxide Fe(OH)3 and clay. The larger is the concentration of iron, the darker is the colour of ochre. The colour is also affected by the particle dimensions and amount of coloured additives. Ochre is used for manufacturing of oil, enamel, glue, water-dispersion and other paints.

Foreign words lexicon

in German: OCKER
in Finnish: OKRA